Application Service

How It Works

  1. Initial Phone/Email Consultation: When you are ready to apply for the best big game hunting tags in the United States, please contact us. We will provide you with professional, reliable application service. We want this process to be as stress-free as possible so you can focus on your hunt(s). Our experts at Trophy Quest Outdoors will listen to your needs and hunting aspirations, and recommend application strategies that align with your big game hunting goals.
  2. Submit Application/Power of Attorney Form: During the initial consultation, we will help you prepare and complete the application form, which can be found and downloaded on this page (See Application & Power of Attorney). We ask that you complete a Power of Attorney so we are able to submit your application(s) to the states that you choose. When this form has been completed in its entirety, please mail it to our office: Trophy Quest Outdoors PO Box 131 Ephraim, Utah 84627. You may also choose to scan and email us the completed document. Please send to:
  3. Payment Confirmation: Upon receiving your completed application form(s), Trophy Quest Outdoors will review them to ensure everything is complete and accurate. We will then process the form(s) along with your credit card payment. You will receive a paid invoice in the mail within ten (10) business days. This invoice will reflect and confirm your application selection(s) for that calendar year.
  4. The Draw: Trophy Quest Outdoors will submit your name into the draw for the application(s) you’ve selected.
  5. If Successful: If a permit is drawn, the state will immediately charge your credit card for its value. A representative of Trophy Quest Outdoors will then notify you by telephone informing you of your win. We will recommend a reputable outfitter who specializes in the area/species drawn. You are not required to use a Trophy Quest Outdoors endorsed outfitter for any permit drawn. Please note: you will not be notified if unsuccessful for any draw.
  6. Renewal: Each year during the month of November, your current Portfolio will be mailed to you. If you would like to re-apply for the upcoming calendar year, it is your responsibility to call Trophy Quest Outdoors so we can update your portfolio and hunting applications. At this time, please provide your credit card information so we can process payment. A full review of your portfolio and any changes you would like to make may be taken care of during this call. Until renewal payment is made, nothing appearing on your Portfolio will be applied.

Application Form & Power of Attorney

Please download this form and mail/email the completed form to Trophy Quest Outdoors. APPLICATION FORM_POWER OF ATTORNEY

Application Deadlines & State Licensing Fees

For more information regarding Application Deadlines and State Licensing Fees please view the information below. APPLICATION DEADLINES 2015     STATE LICENSING FEES 2015

What We Charge

$50/state for 1st species – $10/each additional species in that state Example: If you want to apply for Moose in one state, your fee is $50. Example: If you want to apply for Moose in three states, your fee is $150. Example: If you want to apply for Moose, Deer, Elk, and Sheep in one state, your fee is $80 ($50 for the 1st species, $10 for each additional species) $500/unlimited states/unlimited species

Trophy Quest Outdoors Tips

  1. Submit as many applications as possible: Don’t make the mistake of applying for only one permit. These hunts can be very difficult to draw so we highly recommend applying for several permits in each state. The more applications “in the hat,” the more chances you have to draw.
  2. Don’t procrastinate. Be persistent: In all honesty, it may take you a while to draw. However, the earlier you utilize the services of Trophy Quest Outdoors the quicker you’ll be hunting a premium unit. Don’t give up on your hunting aspirations if you’re unsuccessful during the first few years. Be persistent and patient; your once-in-a-lifetime hunt will come your way!
  3. Always use preference/bonus point programs when available: Several states, such as Colorado and Utah, reward hunters who have been waiting the longest to draw. Every year you are unsuccessful in drawing, your odds improve for the following year. Some states charge for preference/bonus point programs and it is well worth the investment as it could be vital to drawing your once-in-a-lifetime permit.
  4. Apply with the weapon you feel most comfortable with: There is an area on the Trophy Quest Outdoors application form that asks what type of weapon you will be using. While rifle is acceptable, a way to increase your odds of drawing is to apply with muzzleloader and/or archery. Muzzleloader and archery permits are usually easier to draw than rifle.
  5. Contact us anytime with questions: Throughout the application process, if there are any questions or concerns that arise, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We want to make this an enjoyable, stress-free experience and increase your odds of drawing a high-quality permit. Our goal at Trophy Quest Outdoors is to help you in your quest to find your glory!